Inspection tour booking

Thank you for your interest in the Roubal timbered house showcase visitor days at Černý Důl. Due to great interest and in order to distinguish serious buyers from “momentary tourists”, I have decided to charge for the tours. In this way, I would like to shorten the waiting time and already achieve a more personal approach in the first stage where I familiarise you with details of our buildings. I want to welcome visitors who are seriously interested in our work so that we can pay full attention to our potential customers from the very start.

What can you expect?

What can you expect?

During a tour of the timbered houses, I will give you a detailed description of the entire construction – from the primary verification of a suitable plot, through the actual construction and interior design up to the final inspection.

Thorough familiarisation

I will guide you through five timbered houses in various designs, styles (modern, retro, historical or houses with a cellar), sizes and prices. The tour ends after three to four hours when you have already gained a clear idea of the style and size, as well as the approximate price.

Rich experience

With the 300th timbered house implementation, I have rich experience and am able to answer all questions concerning the construction.

Booking form

If you agree with the above, please fill out the booking form including the contact details. We will then send you the available tour days and an invoice. You will receive a tour voucher after paying the tour amount.

Tour price: CZK 1,150/person

What follows the tour?

If you decide on utilising your construction with me after the tour, please send me information about your plot (or the existing building). We will verify the construction regulations, land-coverage coefficient, distance from underground utility lines and restrictions ensuing from the distance of a forest, information about high voltage power lines, gas pipelines, flora and fauna in the plot area, the bio-corridor and all statements issued in relation to protected landscape areas with the respective authorities. All these factors can affect any potential construction on your plot.

After this verification, we will meet you onsite with all of the necessary information we have acquired. I will hear your requirements regarding the construction – what you liked on our buildings, the design/size that you desire, and I will then make one or two proposals for you. These will include seating the house in the terrain, the access road, layout of the building, views and cardinal points orientation, garage, shed, barn, swimming pool, fencing – in short, all that matters in the project.

The following operations will be tackled by our great designers, who will begin the building permit process. When the building permit is obtained, we will embark on the implementation and, after its completion, we will gladly arrange the final inspection and subsequently hand over the finished building to you. I believe that you will be fully satisfied with our services thanks to our rich experience (over 340 completed turnkey projects).